Steam Den™ - Steam Trapping Shower Enclosure

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Steam Den™ Shower System and Shower Defender™ (for curtain control)

Our Steam Den™ (with Shower Defender™) is a steam trapping, shower area expanding, bathroom mold eliminating, wet floor preventing, curtain restraining, private steam room creating addition to your existing shower that does not interfere with your regular showering habits/routine. Its something you’ll simply set up once and the upgrade will provide options you previously didn’t have; such as ability to – contain steam, widen shower, stop bathroom mold, control a previously billowing shower curtain, and end issue of wet floors from splash outs or errant sprays from hand showers. The patent pending kit is the only inexpensive steam trapping, home steam shower enclosure on the market. A personal steam room that also eradicates bathroom mold issues and ends issue of “curtain cling” (caused by curtain blowing into shower). Compared to the next closest option, that requires a contractor and bathroom remodel, our kit provides almost the same level of enjoyment ….but for about 1% the cost.

- Contain shower steam creating your own private steam room for warmer, steamier showers.

- Conquer bathroom mold. Contains moisture to only place purpose built to handle it; the shower.

- Control shower curtain. Stops liner from blowing in and increases showering area by 20%.

- Confine splashed and sprayed water to the shower. Sealed enclosure ensures floors stay dry.

It’s time to stop ignoring the giant hole over your head; the one where all your steam escapes ruining your walls, paint, and fixtures. Cap it and seal in all that healthy enjoyable steam to prevent bathroom mold or end an existing bathroom mold issue by starving the mold of the moisture it requires. It's one heck of a way to eliminate such a nasty problem. While you enjoy your newly created steam room, you'll be passively eradicating bathroom mold at the source by containing the steam to the one place purpose built to handle it, your shower. So the same formerly destructive steam that once escaped from the top of your shower, is now captured and redirected for your steam bathing pleasure. Only thing to remember is you need to simply open front and rear vents of Den after each use to keep mold and mildew from ever forming inside. It's a mold eliminating solution that's honestly too logical to ignore. An actual enjoyable way to eradicate or prevent mold whereby the only side effect encountered is you end up having a personal steam room option within your existing shower. A true no brainer if there ever was one.

You won't just be upgrading your shower with a Steam Den™, you'll honestly be upgrading the quality of your life turning a mundane task into a truly mind blowing experience. Uneventful to invigorating. Dull to divine. Turn the rather boring chore of showering into a relaxing and uniquely uplifting event whereby each experience is nothing short of exhilarating, refreshing and down right euphoric. All this from simply being able to capture the steam that currently escapes out the top of your shower. Why wait any longer now that you're aware of a way to finally take advantage of all the proven substantial health benefits of full body steam immersion?

To really get the most from your Steam Den™, we strongly recommend maximizing the exhilarating effects produced from the sheer amount of steam the Den is able to contain. This is only really accomplished via a properly executed "Steam Den Zen" (our version of the typical contrast shower). This type of shower where after enveloping yourself in steam for an amount of time determined by you, then immediately drenching yourself in water considered "very cool" (just before biting cold); the effect it can have on the body is quite pleasurable. This occurs due to release of adrenaline and the chemical in our body that produces pleasure, dopamine, being released into the brain when the contrasting cold water rapidly brings body temperature back down. Only then will you fully understand where such descriptors as "mind blowing" and "euphoric" came from.

The Steam Den experience is simply like nothing else on the market today. Don't take my word for it, see what we're talking about and experience the rush of a rejuvenating contrast shower for yourself and see why we call it "Steam Den Zen". Order one today and be experiencing heavenly steam showers in just a couple days! Set up takes no more than 10 minutes and no tools required. Easy to follow setup via step by step instruction video provided upon purchase. Steam Den™ by BathHacks; for the ultimate showering experience.


Steam Den™ – One single innovative kit responsible for solving so many issues and providing a wide range of satisfying benefits.

- Love Your Early Morning Showers!  Seal out cold air, trap in hot steam for warmer more enjoyable showers (including mornings during cold winters months!)

- Bathroom Mold Be Gone!  Eradicate & prevent all bathroom mold and mildew (steam containment keeps bathroom completely dry).

- Curtain Cling No More!  Eliminate annoying "Shower Curtain Effect" when you anchor curtain into fixed position.

- More Elbow Room! Widen your showering area and enjoy about 20% more space to stretch out in.

* Shower Defender™ compliments the Steam Den™ so well, we have included one inside every Steam Den™ kit. A free Defender with every Den. The Shower Defender™ can also be purchased as a stand alone product and is essential for any shower that uses a curtain or curtain and liner. Shower Defender™ makes an outstanding gift too. As you can imagine, anyone who has a shower with a curtain has experienced this annoying phenomenon and likely never mentioned it. This is very typical as asking almost anyone will show you, they know exactly what you're talking about. Be creative and thoughtful and show them you're a mind reader. Give a Shower Defender as a gift to friends and family. It will likely be the most appreciated gift they'll ever receive. This has been the case for us more than a few times.

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