Shower Defender™ - Curtain Control Kit

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Shower Defender™, existing previously as only an integral part of the Steam Den™, this unique product has now earned its very own section of the website to stand alone and finally stand out touting its own attributes. The powerful curtain anchoring shower expanding hack is simply too effective a product by itself to continue living in the shadow of this giant called the Steam Den™. This shower area increasing gem can now be purchased separately for those of you who aren't ready for the home steam room by way of our Steam Den™ kit, but still want to enjoy the massive 25% increase in elbow room. This of course in addition to forever ending the possibility of dealing with the incredibly annoying curtain cling; the problem experienced when your curtain blows in as the water goes on.

● Increases your showering space by up to 25%

● Stops curtain from blowing into shower

● Widens shower by anchoring to outside of tub

● Ends “curtain cling” keeping liner off your skin

Widens your shower by 25% giving you a nice bit of elbow room while preventing your curtain and liner from blowing in often touching your skin resulting in what is commonly referred to as "curtain cling".

Shower Defender™ expands the amount of room available inside your shower and defends against that annoying “shower curtain effect” that causes curtains to blow inward when the water is turned on. The curtain billows up from air rushing into showering area often causing curtain liner to touch or cling to your skin. The Defender will easily eliminate this problem by securing the liner into a fixed position thus preventing it from blowing in toward you. The way Shower Defender™ anchors the shower liner to the OUTside of the tub, instead of where it usually sits inside, causes an increase in showering space by 25% due to the curtain liner being pulled outward.



Do you have an intrusive shower curtain always a little too happy to see you? It's called Curtain Creep and we have a hack for that. How about creating 25% more shower space while defending you from that creeping curtain? We all know it. The invading of precious limited shower space by an unruly shower curtain when the water goes on. Like a stalking ex that can't take a hint. Always chasing, touching, creeping. Enough already.

Fight back with a Shower Defender™ and anchor the curtain into a fixed, motionless position. When the curtain is pulled and secured to outside of tub with our suction anchors, you not only eliminate curtain creep, you’ll pull the actual liner a good half a foot outside your showering space giving you some actual elbow room.

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