DIY Cell Phone Radiation Shield - EMF shielding material lets you add radiation protection directly to phone case

The EMF (electromagnetic field) and RFID (radio-frequency identification) blocking, anti-radiation fabric consists of a conductive microfiber interwoven with nickel and copper designed to effectively shield against harmful microwave radiation emitted from electrical devices including our cell phones. It is this very material that you will be using to create for yourself a shield that you will cut to size with regular scissors and place, adhesive side down, onto either the outside or inside of your cell phone case, the side that is opposite your screen. This will create the barrier that you will make sure to always keep between you and your phone effectively shielding you from harmful cell phone radiation. How does this actually protect you?  The shield, once applied to phone case, should always sit between you and your phone (when phone simply must be next to your body). The barrier or shield will then deflect all EMFs, RFIDs, and microwave radiation preventing it from entering your body.

See Canadian MP speaking directly to this point here.

Not to be confused with the 1-2" stickers advertised claiming these same qualities. Beware as those stickers do not contain any conductive material needed to effectively block or shield from cell phone radiation.

RFID: Radio-frequency identification. Poses digital theft risks
EMFs: Electromagnetic fields. Radiation posing health risks

By the way, did you know the insert that came with your cell phone states to never place the phone against your body? Also actually says to never place phone against your ear? Nice to know, isn't it? Watch Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta discuss here (yes it's CNN, but this story is not fake news  ;).

Until cell phone companies make a product that isn't so overtly harming us, you simply must use common sense and keep space between yourself and your phone. The barrier or shield you need to effectively deflect this radiation, instead of continuing to allow it to be absorbed by your body, can be purchased here and is currently the most affordable way to protect yourself against the risk and do so while maintaining convenience.

This material is NOT cheap to acquire nor routinely available on a retail level in such limited quantity at an affordable price; and as I said previously, it simply must be. The urgency of this fact is what spurred me to get busy educating myself on the subject and begin seeking the best solution that one man alone could bring about and offer to all those I can reach. Like anything, in large enough quantity, a product gets more affordable. I've taken that hit so you don't have to, and for 19.95, you can receive enough material to easily take care of your phone and maybe a 2nd. Well, almost. Or if you'd like to order for 2, I can knock a few bucks off both and do it for just $33 -That's about 15 to 20% off if you buy 2. One for you, one for your spouse. Got a big crew? Ill knock it down to just $15 each for orders of 5 or more.

As stated, you will simply cut to desired size, peel away paper exposing adhesive, and apply with pressure to your cell phone case. On the side of phone opposite the screen, you'll simply stick material to either the inside or outside of cell phone case. Your choice. It really is as simple as that to drastically cut down on the danger and risks. Remember that everyday matters so you'll want to do this as soon as possible. Once done, know from that point forward, you'll have a cell phone that no longer passes cancer causing microwave radiation into your body (IMPORTANT) as long as you are remembering to keep the shielded side between you and your phone. For this to work, it requires your awareness.

So I've given you the most affordable means to honestly cut down exposure drastically; but even after you've applied the shield, it still requires you to be cognizant when handling the phone. Pay attention how you drop it in your pocket, set it on lap, answer a call. The shielded side should obviously always be the side between your body and the phone.

Order today and receive one 8" x 10" piece of this powerful material that is large enough to fit the back side of most all phones. You can buy one at a time, or choose the 2nd option for 2 pieces to get them at a discount. One for you and one for your spouse/child/friend. Simply peel and stick to the phone case that is opposite of the screen. So essentially the back of your phone is where you will stick the material either to the inside or outside of the case. Whichever you prefer, it does not matter. What matters is that you actually do it.

- EMF/Radiation blocking nickel/copper microfiber
- 40-50 dB from 10 MHz to 10 GHz
- Adhesive backed (single side)
- 8 inch by 10 inch
- Color: Silver and gray

Quantity Discounts:
Buy 1 for $19.95
Buy 2, 3, 4 for $16.50 each
Buy 5 or more for $14.95 each

It has been proven that simply getting the phone off your skin by as little at 5/8", or within that space, having a thin layer of this particular conductive material is enough to significantly improve your chances of avoiding complications from the absorption of this DNA damaging and now proven cancer causing microwave radiation that all our cell phones currently emit ...And in doses many times higher than recommended safe levels.
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