Setup Instructions (Important - Watch entire video once 1st. Then watch again for setup)

Preparation of shower:

Although most showers were installed properly as to protect the critical infrastructure of the shower and the homes structure itself from moisture or any possible penetration of moisture into the space behind the shower, it's always better to be safe than sorry. Obviously if your shower has any visible cracks in grout or caulk (the sealing material between the tiles), fixing these issues would be imperative before setting up your Steam Den™. I would recommend this to anyone regardless of a Steam Den setup as ensuring there are no cracks, holes, or openings within your shower's grout work is vitally important. A waterproofed shower is always necessary to avoid moisture reaching places it shouldn't. Therefore, regardless of the condition of your shower, I recommend everyone take this simple precaution before proceeding. And again, this is a good idea for anyone. So even if not planning to purchase a Steam Den, performing this simple task is just smart and may end up saving you a lot of trouble in the future.

There are tons of products on the market for sealing a shower, from Flex Seal Clear from the infomercial, to any number available on Amazon or at your local Home Depot. One that I like due to the very affordable price, it being highly effective, and given that it's a likely fit for everyone's situation is this spray-on grout sealer from Miracle Sealants. It is a clear spray-on waterproofing sealant that you apply to the grout/caulk/silicone (whatever it may be) between the tiles. You can even apply it to the tiles without harming them (if your aim is bad). It gets no easier than that.

So, be sure that before setting up your Steam Den™, you perform this step. The objective is simply to ensure that any and all cracks, noticed or unnoticed, are properly sealed. Make sure you have followed the directions on whichever product you choose and allow for the recommended drying time before proceeding with setup or turning on water.

Daily maintenance:

After each shower, you will want to always make sure to leave the "door" open. I live Southern California and the humidity is low, so simply ensuring the entrance does not shut off access for air to reach the showering area after showering is plenty of opening to avoid any issues. As a matter of fact, in 2 years I've never as much as seen even a spec of mold or mildew anywhere. If you would like to be more cautious or if you live in a state that has relatively high humidity, you will simply want to leave the front part open as well as this will allow for air to flow in and out and an easy circulation to occur to ensure even faster drying.

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