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Hello and thanks for visiting the site. I'm Craig Alan, owner/inventor at BathHacks.com. I'm also a single father to my 6 year old who is also my partner and best friend. When not tinkering online with various small businesses, we are inventors, part time gold miners, and seekers of adventure where ever we can find it. These bathroom hacks are our latest inventions and find them both to be quite amazing in their simplicity while providing such a remarkable level of satisfaction. They just make sense. Too logical to ignore. We hope you find the same joy in our products as we do!

If you enjoy steam rooms but just wish you didn't have to share them at a gym, we hear you. The Steam Den is a home steam room creating kit that can transform in minutes any full size shower into a mold eliminating steam room/steam shower for under 40 bucks. As stated, the thing also eradicates all bathroom mold by containing all steam and moisture to the only place purpose built to handle it in your bathroom, your shower. I mean is it not time for a change in how we've always just dressed a shower? From the very beginning and true still today, a simple privacy curtain is all we've been offered; therefore, all we need. Right? Never mind this giant hole overhead purging all the warmth and steam. Spewing moisture ruining walls, paint and fixtures as this is the primary source of all bathroom mold. I cannot help but think the shower itself was completed and rushed to market, forgetting to think about effectively and efficiently containing what it produces, maintaining comfortable temperatures inside without having to waste so much energy and water to do so. I mean a privacy curtain only? So limited, ignoring so much. Well it no longer has to be so illogical.

If interested in a simple fix resulting in drastically less water and energy needed per shower, and as a side effect end up with basically a proper steam room/steam shower within your existing shower, conveniently in the privacy of your own home; and the thing also actually rids your bathroom of any existing mold preventing any in the future, then look into grabbing yourself a Steam Den™

I mean warmer steamier showers to eliminate bathroom mold. No? I don't know. Seems like a no brainer to me.

So who's the kid? That's my blessing, my love, my only child, Blake. I just try to make him my partner in all I do. Figured this one was good a way as any to introduce and teach him about business and entrepreneurship. Making a goal and seeing it through to completion, a lesson on American capitalism, etc. I mean you got to try to steer them right before you lose them to their own pursuits. So for now, this is our American Dream. And honestly, even if we failed, I'd hope to have at least planted a seed. Any success we may find, well that's just gravy. The value or the gold I guess, that's in the experience. Keep it fun, Keep it real. Be smart and live everyday. To your health and success in whatever you pursue! Enjoy it.

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