What is the Steam Den™?

The only affordable DIY steam shower kit that will turn your full sized shower into a personal steam room and prevent or eliminate all bathroom mold right from the source! Introducing the Steam Den™ Shower Experience -a steam trapping, shower area expanding, bathroom mold eliminating, water saving, wet floor preventing, curtain restraining, home steam room creating addition to your existing shower that does not interfere with your regular showering routine. All of this from a single DIY kit you'll have setup in just 10 minutes without needing a single tool. 

● Closes top of shower to trap steam creating steam shower/ steam room option
● Saves water as it requires minimal flow to maintain after desired temp. reached
● Totally eliminates bathroom mold and mildew at the source
● Prevents curtain cling by securing liner into a fixed position
● Increases showering space by 25% for more elbow room

How it works:

A Steam Den™ Shower Enclosure puts a lid on your shower to stop steam and warm moist air from escaping thus eliminating mold right at the source. It's from this opening where all the moisture leaks feeding and multiplying mold spores that travel through the home causing your family to be sick more often. It's also the moisture that fogs the mirror and feeds the mildew that ruins walls and fixtures.

As the Steam Den™ prevents escape of warmth and steam, it just as effectively keeps the cold locked out maintaining a personal cozy pocket of deep cleansing, sweat inducing, toxin purging, reinvigorating continuous steam containment that envelops every square inch of your body mind and soul as you are euphorically revitalized with a relaxed confidence only steam immersion can deliver. According to the North American Journal on Medical Science, steam immersion causes dopamine and adrenaline to be released at the concentrations of  250% and 530% respectively†.

Completely invisible from the outside behind any shower curtain. While inside the kit covers the short sighted gaping hole overhead that is the source of 95% of all bathroom mold. Not to mention, included with the Steam Den™ is our curtain controlling Shower Defender™ that pulls your previously billowing shower liner off of your body anchoring it to outside of tub by way of 3 custom suction anchors. No more annoying curtain cling and 25% more showering space.

Finally, an affordable no-brainer solution for passively ending bathroom mold while allowing the enjoyment of private steam sessions in the comfort of your own home. All this for about 1% the cost of the next closest option. Minus the need for the contractor and bathroom remodel.

*works on any full-size shower using a curtain
*10 min. setup (video), no tools required
†N.A.J.M.S. - "Scientific Evidence-Effects of Hydrotherapy May 2014 

At just 1% the cost of a typical steam shower, our patent pending system is the only INEXPENSIVE steam shower enclosure kit on the market.

Pre-launch pricing of 20% off for our  "early adoptors" is to say thank you and show our appreciation for forwarding on the message and/or any feedback you kindly submit.

See Steam Den Basics for important shower prep recommendations and requirements.

Customer Reviews

"I'm so glad that I bought the Steam Den. It's life changing. For real. Get this thing. It will TOTALLY change your whole showering experience."   -Jessica Kirkland


"What I love the most about my Steam Den is how it keeps all the steam inside.  When I get out my mirror isn't fogged up and there is no moisture on the walls."  -Denise Serafin


"Way more room with the Defender. Keeping the curtain off me, thank God. Steam Den is working like a charm. Everyday. haha.. I actually shower daily now."

"This thing is bad ass! Thanks" 
-Mike Neiman

"I had not even thought about the potential for moisture penetrating the walls through the grout cracks. Thank you for the waterproofing tip! I did tiles too and application was easy. Why not only $20 for 2 bottles. Loving the Den"  -Jeremy

My mold is gone and it's not coming back. It couldn't because its too dry down there now. So it worked. if you have any bathroom mold issues, you need a Steam Den. Total eradication.
-Matthew Stewart

What is the Shower Defender™?

Shower Defender™ is the super handy kit responsible for increasing showering space by 25% and eliminating this irritation of the shower curtain blowing in on you. If you'd like to widen the limited precious showering space you have to start enjoying a noticeably more spacious and comfortable showering experience, pick yourself up a Shower Defender™ today ...quickly before we sell out again! Oh and not to mention it keeps floors dry too by locking all water inside where it belongs.

Shower Defender™ is your defense against annoying curtain cling. Defend your personal space and stretch out with more elbow room when you anchor your shower liner into a fixed position preventing both your curtain and liner from invading your personal showering space.

Shower Defender™ expands amount of room available inside your shower and defends against “shower curtain effect”; the actual name given to describe the phenomenon of a shower curtain blowing inward when the water is turned on. The curtain billows up from air rushing into shower often causing curtain liner to touch or cling to one's skin. Well the Defender easily eliminates this problem by securing the liner to the OUTside of the tub as this is what creates for you the 25% increase in width by pulling the entire curtain liner outward.

Pre-launch pricing of 20% off for our earliest of "early adoptors" is to say thank you and show our appreciation for forwarding on the message and/or any feedback you kindly submit.

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